Missouri Weather !!! : Vines 2 Wines Excursions
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Missouri Weather !!!

by Suzanne VanderFeen on 04/21/11

I have heard it said, "If you don't like the weather in Southeast Missouri, just wait a moment, it will change". This past week was a wonderful example of that quote. It was 82 degrees, less than 12 hours later it was 42 degrees!

What has concerned us more lately is  the large hail we got.

 A few weeks ago, we  transplanted some Vignole starts with Little Cameron. Everytime I pick Cameron up from school, he rushes out to check on his new grape plants.

We watch the weather constantly. We keep hard, white buckets nearby to cover our grape, tomatoes, and other garden plants, when hail is predicted.

That being said,We are grateful for the beautiful changing seasons that Southeast Missouri offers us.

Good Gardening!

Suzanne E.VanderFeen aka Wine Lady